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Vertical Tabs has been rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 24 reviews by members. “Met my boyfriend”… “Didn't believe in online dating!”… “2 hours!”… “Getting there”… “I never thought I'd meet anyone on a dating site!”… “Best Friends For Life”…
Reviewed by Koda0bear
- 22/07/2015
Met my boyfriend
I joined match and after a few weeks I was thinking this isn't for me, I'd not been in touch with anyone that I would even message more than once or twice. I was scrolling through a list of profiles deciding to leave the site when I saw one man. I sent him a wink and he messaged me. We kept talking and met a few weeks later, we've now been together 18 months and moved in together recently. I always tell people to just give it a try, you only need to find one person, and I was surprised how positive people are when we tell them we met online.
Reviewed by Redrabbit27
- 25/06/2015
Didn't believe in online dating!
I never thought I'd meet anyone online but after months of being single I decided to give online dating a try. After a couple of weeks I started talking to Dan. We met a few weeks later and haven't been apart since! Just over a year later were engaged and have bought a house together. Thanks to match I found my soulmate and my best friend! He makes me so happy and never thought I'd ever meet anyone like him! If anyone is thinking about giving match a try - you definitely should!
Reviewed by efenemm
- 22/06/2015
2 hours!
2 hours! yes been on a few other dating sites and met up with a few people which never worked out. Decided to join Match and within 2 hours had a date....we've been together over 2 months now and just booked our first holiday abroad together. Think I've found my soulmate.
Reviewed by S_ophs
- 19/05/2015
Getting there
Can be buggy. Particularly the notifications button. Great on the go but for real detail use the computer version
Reviewed by flamenca
- 15/05/2015
I never thought I'd meet anyone on a dating site!
I'm writing to share my story. I'd been single for a couple of years so I thought I'd try internet dating. At first I was just disappointed in the people who were contacting me so I cancelled my subscription giving a months notice. The day after I did so, I started chatting to a man who seemed lovely. We chatted for a couple of weeks then we met for that nerve wracking fist date! Well, thank god I went because the minute I saw him I knew he was the one (I never believed in that before)! We met last July and this August we are getting married! You know when it's right. He's my perfect match and I never thought that ever existed. So to anyone out there who feels like giving up - don't!
Reviewed by EffieKay
- 03/03/2015
Best Friends For Life
I ended up chatting to a very good looking guy on and was offered out on a date. I really liked him and enjoyed his company but didn't think he'd like me back, but luckily he did! We ended up in a relationship for 4 months but sadly it didn't work out. 1 year down the line he is my best friend and couldn't be without him, I love him very much. If it wasn't for we wouldn't have met. We may not be in a relationship but I would pay the subscription 100 times over so he could be in my life :)
Reviewed by reddzeppelin
- 29/12/2014
Meeting new people
I prefer to sites like Tinder and POF as you tend to get guys that aren’t just looking for a one night stand. Had some nice dates so far; haven’t found ‘the one’ but half the fun is in looking.
Reviewed by ZiggyMacG
- 29/12/2014
Found my partner has enabled me to meet lots of new people in London and I've had some really great dates. After about six months of using match I went on a date with someone who turned out to live down my road and we really hit it off. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in September and are really happy. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and making 2014 a great year.
Reviewed by emmajo23
- 15/03/2014
Love love love
I joined on Saturday and by Sunday I started chatting to one particularly lovely man... the next weekend we had our first date and that was it - we both knew the search was over :-) Match is a great way to find like-minded people and build confidence in dating again. x
Reviewed by Bikerangel85
- 29/01/2014
Met my soul mate
Met my soul mate on here, after only a week of joining and a week of chatting we finally met and it was love at first sight. 8mths on and we're living together and getting engaged! despite it only being a short time it feels like a lot longer. We couldn't be happier together


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