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Texting Him: The Rules You Should Never Break

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by match.comRelationship and dating advice from match.com

Should you text him? When you've just started dating, your default answer to this may be 'yes' but there are times when it's better to step away from the SMS. Here are our top 10 "don't do it" moments.

1. Drink-texting

Avoid texting under the influence at all costs – nothing good comes of a text sent when you’re several sheets to the wind. If you can’t trust yourself, then hand your phone to a friend!

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A little light text speak is fine if you’re in a hurry, but steer clear of abbreviating every word. Texts no longer have to be under 140 characters, so there’s really no need.

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3. The break-up text

Step. Away. From. The. Text. Whatever your feelings towards your date, the break-up text is not cool. It might feel tough to pick up the phone instead, but it’s a lot less difficult than being the one to take the call.

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4. Texting when there’s no reply…

Step away from the phone! They clearly have.

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5. Using waaaaaay too many smileys

A well-placed smiley or a playful wink can be effective, but over-do it and you’ll look like a 13 year old using MSN for the first time.

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6. #sexting

Sorry to get all serious on you, but there’s nothing smart about texting semi-naked pics to a potential partner. Keep the element of surprise for in real life and hold off on being textually active until you’re in a committed relationship.


7. Over-texting

They need to know you have a life. Give it more than five minutes before you think of texting again.


8. The last minute cop-out text

If you’ve ever been the recipient of a cancellation text with a poor excuse, you know how it feels. Spare your date the lame excuse and tell the truth – they’ll thank you for it in the long run.

Last minute cop-out text_2.png

9. The “oops, I didn’t mean to send that text” text

We’ve all done this one (when we were 15!) but as a grown adult this is not a tactic you should be using. Playing mind games isn’t sexy.

Oops didn't mean to send that text_2.png

10. The “I really didn’t mean to send that text” text

You’re texting your bestie to tell her that your date’s a bad kisser but end up sending it to him #fail. After the initial rush of panic, it’s much easier to explain yourself than to migrate to a different country. Or, you know, just turn off your phone and never turn it back on…

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